June 15, 2024


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Fascinating World of Traveling Circuses by Oliver Stegmann

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Oliver Stegmann

was born in 1970 in Basel, Switzerland. Considering that his late teen several years, photography has come to be a critical medium to express himself. Skillfully, even so, he took a diverse path, finding out economics and now working in a administration situation. He is married and a father of two daughters.

From early on, Oliver Stegmann was fascinated by the phenomenon that a photo can seize a distinctive scenario which may well in no way come back. A impressive photograph will become a genuine present of the second when it manages to capture some kind of mystery or magic.

He has usually had a passion for observing folks. Their emotions, facial expressions, interactions, routines and private moments. For Oliver Stegmann, photographing folks is a way to converse with them. Good masters of avenue and documentary photography like William Klein, Eugene W. Smith, Robert Frank or Josef Koudelka have extremely much motivated his way of having pics.

“I enjoy songs, but I have never ever performed an instrument. So the digital camera has grow to be the “instrument” for my inventive function: I compose images as a substitute of songs.» On many excursions to unique continents, he has repeatedly labored on strengthening his capabilities as a photographer and on establishing his possess visible language. He participated in different workshops of very well-acknowledged photographers these kinds of as Mary Ellen Mark, Anders Petersen or Ernesto Bazan. «I like black and white pictures mainly because leaving out the shades, the way we commonly see the entire world, directs the viewer’s eye to the essence of the graphic.”

Till 2007 he photographed completely with black-and-white movie and built all prints in his own darkroom. He then started off scanning the negatives, modifying them in Photoshop and producing fantastic art prints. Two decades afterwards, he started to also use electronic cameras.

His extended-time period job on circuses driving the scenes was released as a image e-book with the title CIRCUS NOIR in 2021. In his newest task, he documents the passions that people pursue in their free time in associations and clubs.