July 18, 2024


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Gurney Journey: The Dancing Pig (1907)

If you have not yet noticed the movie “The Dancing Pig” (Le Cochon Danseur)  you might be in for a take care of. Url to YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=BU4W858uiGY

This is the colorized, songs-included edition of a 1907 film that was at first a silent, black-and-white burlesque movie produced in 1907. It was almost certainly based mostly on a Vaudeville act. In the small film, a girl dances with an animatronic pig. She humiliates the pig, and then he (evidently) exacts his revenge by consuming her offstage. 

The animation of the big puppet, blended with the dance moves of the performer, are amazing. The subsequent remark on YouTube offers more insight and appreciation:

“Wanting earlier what contemporary audiences could obtain ‘creepy’, it can be basically an endearing and melancholy tale. The pig will come dressed as a refined gentleman to test and court docket the stunning dancer but after rejecting him, she mocks him, humiliates him and strips him to steal his dignity, then attire him in feminine costume prior to likely down to just bloomers. I’m guessing there is some fundamental symbolism in there someplace. As for the costume – it appears to be creepy, although I would envision was not intended to the way old fashioned clowns appear creepy to fashionable audiences. I think it is so effectively executed that it falls into the group ‘uncanny valley.’ But the animatronics of the head are unbelievable by any typical, primarily the skill to sneer the jowls again to expose the teeth. Together with the lolling tongue, flapping ears and independently shifting eyes, I would imagine the wearer/ operator experienced very a activity working all the controls. You can see how a single or each arms dangle limp as he retracts his hands within to then achieve up to work the head. I’m guessing he experienced a confined look at by means of the mouth as well. So, contemplating all the animation/ puppeteering he had to do… while dancing, it a ponder how he could even remain on his feet in that doubtlessly major fit, allow alongside basically dance! This film is so considerably extra than just a ‘creepy’ curious spectacle.”